Iraq Dinar Experts

In Dinar Chronicles, the world’s currency markets are covered in the most comprehensive way possible. We have included in this section articles about forex traders, the global economy, and those who are both legally and illegally involved. We believe this is an excellent source of information about the Dinar. A reliable source of currency-related information, it is the world’s most popular currency. Dinar-Chronicles

While the Dinar Chronicles story has always attracted investors, recent press criticism has sparked renewed interest in the Dinar in Iraq. Despite uncertainty about the future of the Iraqi Dinar, its value against the US dollar continues to rise.

Iraq Dinar Experts

Subscribers to this Dinar Chronicles page can find up-to-date information about the Iraqi Dinar and the market, in general, to make informed decisions about their investments. Dinar experts also give their opinion on the situation. Some of these expert opinions are listed below.

Judy Byington

Judy Byington compiles daily summaries of information from the Internet. Judy Byington also points this out in her report on The Restored Republic on GCR. Therefore, it would be up to the reader to do their own due diligence and determine whether or not it is credible.



Every Monday through Friday at 10 am ET, They offer coffee with MarkZ. Not only does he talk about the RV Iraqi Dinar, but he also talks about world events, the benefits of CBD, and much more. The show’s live streams are available on YouTube and Twitch.

Mnt Goat

Mt Goat publishes a newsletter with information about the project every Tuesday and Thursday. Through a non-profit journalistic approach, this newsletter reports on the appreciation of the Iraqi Dinar through non-profit reporting on the subject.


During his time with the organization, he founded Keep the Faith Always. Alongside Walkingstick, Delta, MilitiaMan, Don961, Samson, and a few other strong players, he leads a team of many talented people.